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12 May 2020

Practical Advice for Directors of Overseas Companies under Travel Restrictions

Date Tuesday 12 May 2020 Time 14:00 BST Key Contacts
Location Online webinar

Managing Director of International Administration, Mark Pattimore, and Law Partner and Head of Tax, Daniel Lewin, will lead the session and discuss the following topics:

– Where and how are board decisions taken?
– How to communicate effectively with your offshore director
– Interim and alternate directors for crisis management and continuity
– How to grow a record of good governance

Both Mark and Daniel will share their insights and respond to questions from the audience during a live Q&A session.

Who might benefit most in attending?
– Directors of offshore/overseas companies
– Directors of companies that have a subsidiary or parent company offshore/overseas
– Investors who control or are interested in the management of offshore/overseas companies

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