The 8 Stages of Tax Year End

Happy New Tax Year!!

Welcome to 2019/20 and all that entails.


Firstly, congratulations for surviving tax year end. Hopefully you all got all your allotments made, certificates sent and tax reliefs awarded before the clock struck midnight. But we imagine the image series above probably resonates, to a degree.

2018/19 was a big year, with the Patient Capital Review for tax-advantaged investments introducing some significant changes. As we step into 2019/20, we have drawn together some New Tax Year Resolutions, to help you get through the next 12 months. In the interests of keeping your resolutions manageable and realistic, we have restricted ourselves to a single resolution – one each for investors, advisers and product providers:

For Investors

Investing isn’t just for tax year-end – with most products now open year-round, and with frequent allotments, you can manage your investments throughout the year, reducing last-minute tax-planning crises. This can significantly extend the life expectancy of your hard-working adviser.

For Advisers

Get to know some of the new entrants in the market – with the increasing number of products and managers entering the tax-advantaged space, it is worth looking at new players to find additional value, new ideas and enhanced diversification.

For Product Providers

Keep our firm’s information on AdvantageIQ up-to-date, throughout the year – wealth management firms, IFAs, private investors and others use AdvantageIQ to source the right products for them and their clients and if your information is out of date or incomplete, you are going to miss out. Keep everyone, including Lauren and the whole team at MJ Hudson Allenbridge happy and informed, by making sure your data is complete and correct, at all times.

Whatever you do in the market (and regardless of how well you keep to these resolutions!), MJ Hudson Allenbridge wishes you a very happy and prosperous New Tax Year.