Hourly Rates and Fees

MJ Hudson offers fee arrangements that are flexible, transparent, competitive and aligned to our clients’ success.

Hourly Rates

Partners £530-£720
Senior Associates / Counsel £475-£500
Associates £300-£390
Trainees £220-£250
Senior Associates / Counsel

Fee Structures

To help better align interest, we offer our clients a number of different fee structures for them to choose from.  Those choices are:

Fixed Fee
Undertake work on a fixed fee basis removing uncertainty for our clients

Abort /Uplift
Agreeing a low abort amount with a subsequent uplift on success, allowing us to share in the risks and benefits of a transaction

Basis Points
Structuring our fees as a percentage of the size of a deal / investment fund

Cash / Equity
Investing a part equity stake in our client’s fund or transaction

Charging lower rates owing to our lower fixed overheads. Below are our current hourly rates (plus VAT, if any).