Trustee Solutions

Welcome pension scheme and investment veterans onto your trustee board as independent trustees.

Corporate pension schemes frequently wish to supplement the knowledge of their trustee boards in the complex area of investments.

We supply highly experienced individuals with a career history within the investment or pension fund industry and experience of working at board level to fulfil this role. Our independent trustees frequently serve as chair of the investment sub-committee to the pension scheme and are capable of leading the thinking on investment issues to the benefit of the individual client.

Each pension scheme has its own set of governance documents which set out the relationship between the trustees and the sponsor. Our trustees will work within these parameters to build a strong relationship between all parties involved in the delivery of the pension obligations. This involves working with scheme trustees and the scheme sponsor to improve investment returns whilst controlling investment risk to a level acceptable to all parties.

Better investment decisions lead to a greater probability of the pension scheme covering its liabilities into the future and hence increase the likelihood of delivering on pension promises and lowering the ultimate cost to the sponsor.

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