Panel Advisory Services

Deploy our panel solutions, including advice on panel criteria, personalised selection, ongoing monitoring and audit.

As regulators continue to draw the retail financial advice industry more sharply into focus,

Our panel solutions are about giving our clients access to our analysts and their extensive experience, knowledge and market insight in a structured way. Our clients can rest assured that all of market has been considered in the creation of their Panels.

Through the use of our online due diligence and reporting system, AllenbridgeIQ, we collect information, perform our analysis and deliver reports to our clients. The system is fully auditable, tracking all changes made creating the audit trail required to meet our clients Compliance-related needs. The system allows us to collect information, perform our analysis and deliver reports to our clients. We are also able to provide live information feeds and access to raw due diligence data, all delivered centrally via customisable online panel dashboard and product fact sheets.

Every panel solution is bespoke to each client’s needs. Our team works alongside clients to ensure that we deliver solutions tailored specifically to their exacting needs. Examples of these panel options include; manager and product scores; personalised factsheets; creation of governance and criteria parameters; and access to analyst for ad-hoc questions. In addition to panel selection, the system offers clients the benefit of having access to our ongoing monitoring and audit of their historic panels.

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