Investment Governance and Reporting

Work with experienced industry veterans to help navigate complex issues in governance, regulatory and compliance structures.

Given the multifarious relationships between trustees, scheme members and scheme sponsors, governance structures can be complex and are prone to stress. The changing regulatory environment only adds to these issues.

Our team helps review investment governance structures within the context of current and future regulation, and ensures that they are fit for purpose. Our independent advisers can act as chair of the trustee board or governance committee or in an advisory capacity. They will review documentation and evaluate current structure with a view to recommending improvements.

Good investment governance helps the right people make good decisions; bad investment governance can impede activity, and cause a serious loss of value for a fund, with high levels of stress for all involved.


ESG Factors in Private Equity Investing

The Guide aims to assist fund managers and investors in understanding how the private equity market is treating ESG issues and how to quickly evaluate which policies meet specific requirements.

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