Independent Investment Advice

Leverage the experience and skill of senior, independent professionals, acting as trusted investment advisers to your team.

Given the ever-increasing complexity of modern investment and pension fund management, as well as the obvious conflicts of interest that many of the service providers are subject to, the requirement for independent investment advisers has never been higher. The MJ Hudson Allenbridge Investment Advisory team provides senior, independent, and highly experienced individuals to work with the asset owner as a trusted investment adviser. We aim to offer unconflicted and unconstrained investment advice.

Through the provision of highly experienced individuals we aim to assist institutional asset owners in managing their investments and achieving their investment goals.

Better investment knowledge should enable the asset owner to make better long term decisions. Many of our advisory contracts are fixed price and long-term in nature.


ESG Factors in Private Equity Investing

The Guide aims to assist fund managers and investors in understanding how the private equity market is treating ESG issues and how to quickly evaluate which policies meet specific requirements.

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